Let's start with python

Let's start with python

Hello everyone, today we are going to learn about Python programming language. Let’s start – So python is general-purpose, dynamic and high-level programming language. It was created by Guido van Rossum and has published in 1991.

Basic reasons why we use python:

• It is easy and simple.

• It is an open-source language that has a wide range of libraries and frameworks.

• It supports GUI programming.

Now we will discuss the benefits and limitations of python, saying about the benefits as it is a high-level programming language it is user-friendly. Also, it has a syntax like the English language. A non-programmer can easily learn python rather than some other programming language. It supports an object-oriented approach and it makes the language much easier.

Saying for limitation basically, its execution speed is slower compared to some other programming languages.

Let’s run a simple program and have fun;

Say we want to display “ hello techlearners “

• Open the notepad and write – print(“hello techlearners”)

• now we have to save the file with a python extension i.e ( .py ) save as – hello.py (any name )

• Copy the path

• Open CMD (Command Prompt)

• Paste the path of the program and write python program_name.py ; as our program’s name is hello.py

we write

python hello.py

and we get the result

hello techlearners

...Hurrah, we have done our first python program.

thank you for reading the blog.

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