A Quick look to Python IDEs  ๐ŸŽ€

A Quick look to Python IDEs ๐ŸŽ€

Sharing a content of Python IDEs , suitable IDE for each level of developers


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What is IDE?

An Integrated Development Environment(IDE) is a coding platform used for software development. It allows the developers to write, edit, test and compile the code. So Python provides IDE, which is easily runnable and debuggable. A developer or even a beginner can easily understand the working of an IDE platform because of its simplicity. It gives a visual representation of the file's location which makes the user understand more.

Python IDEs

There are several python IDEs available in today's technology. Some of them are listed below-

  • IDLE

  • Pycharm

  • Spyder

  • Thonnny

  • Atom

  • Jupyter notebooks

  • Sublime Text

  • Microsoft visual studio

  • Pydev

So as we have varieties of python IDEs it is a difficult task to find the right IDE for an individual according to him/her capability. As a beginner, a programmer first needs to understand the basic concept and uses and start using them. The main purpose of a beginner should be to learn the concept first and later shift to advanced versions. As an intermediate, we can use some advanced IDE. However, experts use very advanced and paid versions of IDEs. we have prepared a list of the 3 IDEs which are the right fit for each level of programmer.

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The IDEs -suitable for each level of developers

Thonny - for beginners

It is the best choice for a beginner. A nonprogrammer can also easily understand the interface even though s/he just getting into python. You can download thonny from its website.

the link

It is very simple having a user-friendly GUI and simple debugging and much more.

let's run a simple code

In thonny, it is also easy to detect errors. You can download the python package if you choose to learn further more.

IDLE - for intermediate-level developers

Integrated Development and Learning Environment (IDLE) is an IDE of python. It works on Windows, Unix and macOS. We can download this platform directly from the official website of Python. It provides the features like syntax highlighting, code completion and intelligent indenting.

You can click this link to land on the official website of Python.

The interface of python IDLE

Here we used print() function and it displays the output. It is the basic way to use python IDLE.

here is the inside of Python IDLE

Keeping in mind that iDLE shell doesn't allow us multiline coding, if you want to code multi lines click on new file and start coding.

If you want to change the font pattern or the size you can simply do it by clicking on option > configure IDLE

for changing the theme click option \> configure IDLE > highlight and follow the steps

There are so many features as you saw, explore them. As a developer whether a beginner or intermediate it is very beneficial to use python IDLE because of its simple interface. It is user-friendly as well as easy to learn.

Pycharm - for experts

Pycharm is a python IDE that provides smart code completion, auto-indentation supports unit testing and much more facilities. It mainly saves a lot of time for developers. Pycharm is developed by the Czech company JetBrains.

The interface of Pycharm :

As we can see a lot of features are available there. We now assume that you have some intermediate knowledge of python and let's run a program.

First of all, we click on the new project -

Click on create (at the bottom) and a new project will be created. There would be a pop-up named "tip of the day" kindly skip this for now and go ahead.

follow the steps to create a python program: file > new > python file . We give a name to the python file as addition.py and simply write the code.

Run the by clicking the run button or just press ctrl+shift+F10 .

Yeah, our first program on Pycharm has worked. It is a basic concept of using Pycharm. There is a huge concept behind Pycharm which cannot be completed in this blog.


In the end, we ensure that you have got a good overview of IDEs according to the level of difficulty. We choose only three IDEs each for a particular level.

Thank you, we hope you enjoyed it. Happy Coding !๐Ÿ”

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