What is Automation Test Engineer ,how you can become one ?

What is Automation Test Engineer ,how you can become one ?

How you can become one?


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Watching testing tools tutorial to choosing a programming language is all too familiar to test automation engineers. The demand for test automation engineers is high across the industries,increasing the difficulty of staying competitive. We all know testing plays a major role in development of new software or system .

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We are here to increase your knowledge ,whether you are a manual tester looking to grow or intrested in automation tester career path,this comprehensive guide is for you

Automation testers are individual who are execute testing initiative using automated test script. Automation Test Engineers are known other than developers who work on desiging , programmmg,simulation, and testing of new or existing software. They are developers who continuously design , program, and delay new testing software to automate the testing process and reduce human efforts. In Software Testing life cycle ( SDLC) ,they design ,write , maintain and execute automated test script in order to minimize bug escape on time.

If you really want to master automation testing you should definetly consider learning the basic of software development language . Tools can be a test runner ,a liabrary for automated testing of APIs , UI automation.

How to become Automation test Engineer

To become a test automation engineer you will need a strong foundation in programming concept. You will need to write code and understand the basic of software testing work.The testing profession requires you to have a wider grasp of entire software development process.

There are many different skills that you need to use and fully understand to become an automation test engineers.

  • You need to have good business approach for software over system.
  • Good analytical skills.
  • Good decision making ability
  • Precision
  • Ability to pay attention to minute details
  • Working well even under pressure


Major Roles & Responsibilites

  1. Requirement : You need to figure out and understand the various needs and demand required to fulfill.
  2. Design : You need to meet the required specification as per customer .
  3. Implementation: Developers begin executing codes with software
  4. Testing Program is checked to get best custom while fulfilling the wishes of customer
  5. Maintenance Once required result is achieved ,it is maintained regularly post the product.

A terminal is a tool helps you access program and perform task with help of various commands but without a user interface.

  • Comprehension of database like SQL and other will give you considerable advantage in software testing.
  • HTML & CSS are important for automation test engineers as more and more projects in IT market are becoming web oriented.
  • Working with different browser like Chrome , Safari , Opera and understand there browser developer tools are very helpful.

TechLearn India will help you to gain knowledge about:

  • live Prod use cases of testing.
  • Basic understanding of selenium & Web drivers
  • Basic Python Command using Pytest Framework
  • Data Driven testing on login
  • How to Build Secure Socket Layer Checker Application
  • File Histogram.

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Written by : Deepshikha Niyogi


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