Want to Become a Data Analyst

Want to Become a Data Analyst

Using Jupyter Notebook

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We have some exciting news today: We are released a new online course that’s going to make a big impact for you. It goes on sale today, but we couldn’t wait to share the details with you. Announcing... Become a Data Analyst.

You can also have a small demo of the Course Run Demo .

Jupyter Notebook based Guided-Learning Program. unnamed.png

A high-level sneak peek for you:

• How to Use Jupyter & Learn Predictive Analytics Models

• Data Analysis with Numpy & Pandas , Statistics to uncover insights and Create Data-Driven Solutions
Common Manipulation : Indexing, Slicing & Reshaping

• Explore House Predication model , Analyzing Predicting the drinking habits of teenagers ,Analyzing the Sci-kit-learn with example data-sets

Become a Data Analyst.
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So excited!

Written by : Deepshikha Niyogi