Top 10 clouds being popularly used in 2022.

Top 10 clouds being popularly used in 2022.

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Cloud computing is an online storage platform where bulk amount of data can be stored. According to several business model this feature of cloud computing are used and provided by different providers. Public cloud computing service providers are facilitating the inherent efficiency of distributed cloud computing as such its difficult to understand each leading cloud service provider as well as their strategies. Cloud Computing is a big shift from the traditional way businesses think about IT resources.

As a whole the top 10 cloud computing service providers globally in 2022 are:

Amazon Web Service

Microsoft Azure

Google Cloud Platform

Alibaba Cloud

Oracle Cloud

IBM cloud

Salesforce cloud


Rackspace Cloud

VMWare Cloud

1.Amazon Web Service: The cloud computing service of is the largest cloud service provider. From its data center the business provides over 200 fully featured service including compute storage and database. AWS has 26 regions and 84 availability zones in operations. These regions are located throughout United states, Europe ,Asia , Middle east and Africa.

FEATURE: It has ability to manage multiple dictionary data hierarchies and relationship management facility is also available.

2.Microsoft Azure : Microsoft cooperation intelligent cloud segment contain Azure the second largest cloud service provider globally . The company delivers a consistent hybrid clouds experience developers productivity ,.artificial intelligence and security compliance. Microsoft Azure is present in 60 regions and 116 availability zones in operations. These regions are America , Europe , Asia Pacific ,Middle east & Africa .

FEATURE: User account can be managed easily and the existing directories of on premises can be synchronized.

3.Google Cloud Platform: Google Cloud Platform , part of Alphabet Inc , is the third largest cloud service providers globally providing enterprise ready cloud service .GCP enable developer s to build test and deploy applications on its distributed and scalable capabilities in security, data management analytics and artificial intelligence. Google cloud today has34 regions and 103 available zones in operations. These regions are situated in America, Europe ,Asia Pacific.

FEATURE: No use no pay feature is available and billing is done as per the execution time of the function that is used by the user.

4.IBM cloud: The IT company is known as IBM cloud and a set of service of cloud computing is offered which is known as IBM cloud service. Mainly the small organization team are supported by this service with its scalability and large business organization are potential customer of IBM cloud . In the year 2013 with the accusation pf softlayer IBM started offering the very first cloud service with infrastructure as service offering but in 2017 the entire portfolio of cloud was gained and named IBM cloud.

FEATURE: Strategic value efficiency and flexibility are main key feature of IBM cloud service.

5.Oracle Cloud Infrastructure : Throughout a network of Oracle managed data center which is distributed , storage , servers , network, service and applications are provided by Oracle Cooperation . This is mainly known as Oracle cloud and on demand service to be provided over the internet. SaaS ,PaaS ,IaaS all are provided by infrastructure of Oracle cloud . For the purpose of extending deploying and integrating applications in the cloud these are used.

FEATURE: A new autonomous database along with self repairing service is offered to customer of Oracle cloud Infrastructure .

6.Alibaba cloud: Aliyun is another name for Alibaba cloud and its mainly a chineese company for cloud computing service . This is also known as Alibaba group subsidiary and this provides the service to organization that runs online businesses and to the e commerce ecosystem that is owned by Alibaba . The registered headquarter of this cloud computing provider is located in Singapore and they also have licence for international operations .

FEATURE: The importance of cybersecurity and vulnerablity is considered by the Alibaba cloud and extensive web security.

7.Salesforce : This American company that has headquarter in San Francisco and provides the service of cloud computing . A complimentary suite of applications for an organizations that is aimed at customer service and customer relationship management is provided by There are also offerings of analytics applications development and marketing automation by this cloud computing software. This company was formed in the year 1999 and at present date there are 1000000 customers.

FEATURE: More deals can be closed by using salesforce with marketing tools , collaboration and contact management.

8.OVHcloud : OVHcloud is a Europe focused cloud service provides offering solutions including bare metal and hosted private cloud , public cloud ,web cloud service. This cloud offers domain names web hosting plans and cloud solutions to more than 1.6 millions customers ~800 of company customer are enterpriSes. In terms of value proposition OVHcloud operates a low cost model and computes on price .

9.Rackspace cloud : This is a US based organization that provides service billed on utility computing and it is mainly a set of cloud computing products . Load balancer , backup , monitoring , virtual private server and cloud storage are offered by Rackspace cloud to their potential customer on demand . The parent company is known as Racksapce and this cloud service was started in the year 2006 with the name Mosso LLC .

FEATURE: A flexible multi cloud or hybrid configuration is available in the Rackspace cloud through which users can connect to a dedicating hosting network .

10.VMWare cloud : With the motivation of providing cloud service for any app and from cloud VMWare is working towards an evolution of cloud experience across the entire landscape of cloud . Several VMWare technologies are integrated to create the VMWare cloud as a complete stack. The technologies are integrated into one software defined data center platform to deploy entirely in a hybrid cloud approach or public cloud. VMWare was founded in 1998 and in 2008 cloud computing business was initiated.

FEATURE: The cost can be reduced with the model of cloud operating for all applications and across the clouds resource management is enable for VMWare users.

Written by : Deepshikha Niyogi

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