Time to boost up the sales!

Time to boost up the sales!

Retail industry - you're still a king

Retailer industry has been a failure. Everyone would blame the pandemic covid-19. But was pandemic really the only reason???

No. Many retailers found difficult to switch to e-tailers. But being a retailer you need not struggle as far as you care for your retail decor.

Yes! Interior designing matters a lot in marketing. The best marketing strategy is word-of-mouth. Achieving word-of-mouth would be only possible if you attract the customers in the first place. And attracting would be possible only if your ambience is right.

Best ways to attract customers:

Building a suitable outlet

The place where your outlet is and the way it is built stands crucial to publicise your business. Type of business is a factor which chooses the design of an outlet. For instance, if you have a grocery shop and the paint on the wall is Tom chasing Jerry, customers may be misguided and creates a sense of dissatisfaction in the mindset of the customers.


Merchandising in simple words is a showoff. In order to tell your potential customers about the products you sell, retailers must advertise it. Garment stores and jewellery stores stands the best example for merchandising. Ordinary people turn into customer mostly because of merchandising. When a saree is draped to a doll, it shows the quality, colour and to a certain extent customers put themselves in the doll's position and questions if it suits (sure! happens only in head).

These two help in attracting the customers to your place. Though it requires huge money, it is a long term investment. Promotion itself is a costly process but word-of-mouth is the cheapest of all. Infact requires zero investment.

The aim of a retailer must be to retain the customers and to make everyone know about your retail. Ofcourse, publicity is easy. One wrong deed, you are the talk for the day. Similarly, one good deed, you are the king of the talk.

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