How To Become a Data Scientist?

How To Become a Data Scientist?

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What is a Data Scientist?

A Data Scientist is a professional who specialises in analysing and interpreting data. They use their data science skills to help Organization make better decision and improve their operations. Data Scientist typically have a strong background in mathematics, statistics and computer science. They use this knowledge to analyse large data sets and find trends or pattern.

Data Scientist create data driven business solutions and analytics by driving optimization and improvement of product development. They use predictive modeling to increase and optimize customer experience, revenue generation, ad targeting and more. Data scientist coordinate with different functional teams to implement models and monitor outcomes.

Qualifications and Eligibility Required :

To become a data scientist you will need to have strong analytical and mathematical skills. Yoy should be able to understand and worl with complex data sets. You should be able to use statistical software package and be familiar with programming language such as Python or R. Data scientist also have a certification from accredited program.

Prerequisites : Becoming a data scientist require a vert strong background in mathematics and computer science as well as experience with machine learning and statistical modelling.

A strong background in mathematics and computer science : As a data scientist you will be working with large amount of data on daily basis. It is essential that you have a strong foundation in mathematics and computer science. You should be comfortable with statistical methods and algorithm.

Experience working with large amount of data: Data scientist must be able to manipulate and analyse large Data sets. It is I'm to have some experience working with large data sets before becoming a data scientist.

Experience with machine learning and Statistical modelling : Machine learning and statistical modelling are powerful tools that data scientist use to make prediction from data. Experience with these techniques is essential for anyone interested in becoming a data scientist.

Strong Communication And Visualisation skills: Data scientist must be effectively communicate their finding to others. Strong communication and visualisation skills are essential for anyone interested in becoming a Data scientist.

How to Become a Data Scientist? Data science is the area of study that involves extracting knowledge from all of the data gathered. There is a great demand for professional who can turn data analysis into a competitive advantage of their Organization. You'll create data driven business solutions and analytics.

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Skills to become Data Scientist

  1. Gain database knowledge which is required to store and analyse data using tools such as Oracle, Microsoft, SQL server, Teradata.

  2. Learn statistics probability and mathematical analysis. Statistics is the science concerned with developing and studying method for collecting, analysing, presenting empirical data. Probability is the measure of likelihood that and event will occur.

  3. Master at least one programming language. Programming tools such as R, Python, SAS are very important when performing analytics in data. R is a free software environment for statistical computing and graphics which supports most Machine Learning Algorithm for Data Analytic such as regression association and clustering. Python is an open source general purpose programming language. Python libraries like NumPy and SciPy are used in Data Science. SAS can mine, alter, manage, and retrive data from a variety of sources as well as perform statistical analysis on the data.

  4. Develop the ability to visualise results. Data Visualisation integrating different data sets and creating a visual display of the results using diagram, chart and graphs Topic: how to become a data scientist

Written by : Deepshikha Niyogi

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