Features Of Java

Features Of Java


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Java is a Object Oriented Programming language, Java is mostly used for Coding web Application. Java is known for its Portability and High Performance. It is Compiled as well as Interpreted Language.

Now we are seen some features of Java that makes it Widely used Language.

Features of Java

1 :-Secure

Security is the biggest Concern of Everyone, When we talk about Security Java Provides Security Feature to Programmer's.

This Provides security from Virus. Java does not Support Explicit pointer. Java Provides security manager, Security API's, Exception Handling, Cryptographic Security.

2 :-Robust

Java is robust because it utilizes strong memory management. Robustness is the ability of Computer System to solve the error throughout the execution.

3 :-High Performance

Java is High Performance Language it Provides high Performance than any other traditional interpreted Programing language.

4 :-Portable

Java is portable because it help you to carry the Java Bytecode to any Platform.

5 :- Dynamic

Java is more Dynamic than C/C++. The source code which is written in one platform that code can be executed in any platform

We can define that any programming language which allows Run-time modification, is a Dynamic language

6 :- Simple

Java having Simple syntax and this is easy to learn language and it is easy to understand.

Syntax of Java is based on C++ Java doesn't have Complicated features this makes it a Simple Language.

7 :-Multi-threaded

Java Programs that deal with Many tasks at once by defining Multiple thread.

Java Thread allows us to create a lightweight process that executes some tasks.

8 :- Platform Independent

Java programs are compiled into byte code and that byte code is platform-independent.

9:- Distributed

It Help users to create distributed applications in Java, that's why we Call Java as Distributed Language.

10:- Object-Oriented

Java is Purely Object Oriented Programming Language.

Object-Oriented Programming provides a clear structure for the programs. Java is one of the most widely used programming languages for Object- Oriented Programming.

This Are some Features of Java

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